The Effects of Zombie Cells on Health and Well-Being

In this article, you will learn the definition of zombie cells, their formation and role in the aging process, the benefits of targeting zombie cells in anti-aging treatments, and some strategies that can reverse the effects of zombie cells. The information in this article may be useful for those who are concerned about the effects […]

Prevent Early Aging From Within: An Anti Inflammatory Diet Guide

You may have heard about an anti-inflammatory diet or even the word “anti-aging” and are looking for some tips. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Inflammation is seen as only a bad thing when in reality it is the warning signal our bodies send us when something is not right. It is looked […]

The Role of Senescent Cells in Aging

It is now well-established that cellular senescence plays a pivotal role in the aging process. Senescent cells are cells that have stopped dividing and enter a state of permanent growth arrest. The role of senescent cells in aging affects more than a person’s external appearance, it can relate to their health too. Although senescent cells […]

The 9 Hallmarks of Aging

A “hallmark” is used as an indicating mark. When we think of the normal aging process, many think of the change in physical appearance, stamina, or brain function. While this is true, we are looking at biological age versus chronological age. Biological age takes into account what your age is at the cellular level. Aging […]

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