EternLFX is a supplement that you don’t take daily - taking senolytics daily doesn’t work.

The dosage of EternLFX depends on 3 factors:


Take EternLFX for 3 continuous days in a week and repeat for 4 weeks. This time period of 4 weeks is called an active cycle.

After 4 weeks, there is a period of time with no consumption, when you don’t take EternLFX at all. This period of no consumption is called the inactive cycle. The inactive cycle will depend on your age. Review the Age section to see how long you can go between active cycles.

For example – John will take his dose every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 4 weeks and then take a break.

Day 1On
Day 2On
Day 3On
Day 4Off
Day 5Off
Day 6Off
Day 7Off

Repeat the cycle for 4 weeks then take a break based on age.

Body weight

One bottle of EternLFX contains 252 capsules. See the chart below to see what body weight category you fit in for you recommended dose. Because senolytics are consumed in high quantity, it’s advised to divide your daily dosage into 3 portions rather than consuming it all at once.

For example – If Mary weight indicates she needs to take 15 capsules a day, she will take 5 after breakfast, 5 after lunch and 5 after dinner. Follow the daily dosage amount in the chart below.

Body weightDaily dose
100 - 11412 (4+4+4)
115 - 12413 (5+4+4)
125 - 13414 (5+5+4)
135 - 14415 (5+5+5)
145 - 15416 (6+5+5)
155 - 16418 (6+6+6)
165 - 17419 (7+6+6)
175 - 18420 (7+7+6)
185 +21 (7+7+7)


Based on age, it is suggested to do up to 4 cycles per year. Doing 4 cycles per year at any age over 30 is safe but may not be necessary. Follow the chart below to see how many active cycles you need in a year.

For example – Lucy, a 43 year old, will need to do 2 cycles a year. One active cycle is 4 consecutive weeks. Lucy will  take EternLFX for 1 month – January, take a break, or an inactive cycle, for 5 months – February till June and then start the second active cycle in July, then take a break or an inactive cycle from August till December.

AgeCycles per year
30 - 391
40 - 492
50 - 593

Increase your health with senolytics

Purchase EternLFX and start reversing your epigenetic age. EternLFX is a breakthrough natural senolytic formula designed to flush senescent cells from your body increasing your health span and lifespan.

  • Reverses epigenetic aging
  • Supports mitochondrial health
  • Increases telomere length
  • Reduces glycation
  • Boosts brain health

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