One approach to dealing with a variety of issues is the benefit of combinations of approaches to a biological problem. Often drugs are taken in combinations to deal with certain issues, people take combinations of supplements to deal with issues. Our first product is a natural senolytic formula that uses the combination approach. And from that came the inspiration of combi(nation) of (seno)lytics resulting in Combilytics.

Senescent cells are damaged cells that have stopped replicating and stay in this state of being alive but not contributing to your bodies wellbeing. They are in effect dead but immortal at the same time. This state of senescence is a normal process and new senescent cells are being created every day. In fact we are born with senescent cells. These cells have several positive purposes, to initiate inflammation at a “wound” site to initiate the healing process, to divert damaged cells away from becoming cancer, but because they do not die and because they accumulate over time, the benefit they provided early in life soon becomes a hazard to our long term health.

Senescent cells secrete chemicals that, overtime, are harmful to our bodies. These chemicals, as a group, are called SASP. The effects of these secretions are varied and some cause inflammation, some tell the immune system to leave them alone, some of these chemicals will recruit neighbouring healthy cells to become senescent. Over time our body will accumulate a surprisingly high volume of senescent cells, and with the recruitment factor, their accumulation will accelerate as we age. These secretions are known to cause a number of diseases so reducing the number of senescent cells will help your body to fight the aging process.

SASP is the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype – this is the name for the compounds secreted by senescent cells. There are over 500 known senescent cell secretions. One of the commonly know functions of SASP is to create inflammation to initiate wound healing. This type of function is present, not only for wounds but damage like; sunburns, broken bones, and other forms of trauma. Once these immortal cells are created and their usefulness ends, they do not die and they do not stop secreting SASP.

Zombies are a science fiction creature defined as the “living dead”. These zombies have several properties; they are alive but dead, they are immortal and do not die naturally, when they bite a living being, that being becomes a zombie. Calling senescent cells zombie cells is a surprisingly accurate description.

At this time, there is no known way to kill all of your senescent cells. Senescent cells are created and live in the various tissues of our body like; the skin, the kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, eyes, etc. Even your immune system can be affected by senescent cells. No single senolytic compound can access and kill all the senescent cells in the various parts of your body. With EternLFX there is no concern that you will clear all your senescent cells.

A senolytic is a drug or natural compound that “clears” or kill senescent cells by inducing apoptosis. Normal cells are generally cleared by the process of autophagy, a natural cell death but since senescent cells are immortal cells, cell death must be induced through apoptosis. Apoptosis is induced by external forces like a senolytic.

Your body reacts to compounds based on the volume or potency of the compound. If the volume is low the desired effect will not be achieved. For example low doses of quercetin (one of the compounds in EternLFX) have been found to be beneficial for respiratory issues like allergies, a low dose of quercetin would be 500mg. At low doses the senolytic effect is not observed for several reasons. The clinical trials that show senolytic results use doses in the 20mg/kg of body weight per day. This means if you weigh 181 Lb’s or 82.3 Kg’s then you would need;
20 x 82.3 = 1,646mg of quercetin per day, not 500mg.

Bio-availability is also a concern as queercetin and fisetin (both proven natural senolytic compounds) are polyphenol flaviniods found in many fruits and vegetables. Because EternLFX uses extracts to increase potency, these compounds benefit from natural bio-availability enhancers and other synergistic compounds found in the EternLFX formula. This increases the volume of compounds required to be effective.

EternLFX contains the the clinically proven dose of 2 of the top natural senolytic compounds.

EternLFX is intended to be consumed in a method called “cycling” Taking something all the time is called “chronic” use while taking something on an occasional or intermittent cycle is called “acute” use. Because of 2 things it is best to take senolytics in short, high dose, acute cycles. Those 2 things are;
1. the high dose that works, while very safe is at the top limit of what can be safely consumed.
2. senescent cells are not produced in high numbers until later in life so clearing senescent cells in short cycles, has been demonstrated to provide the necessary benefit. To address the recruitment aspect of senescent cells, it is suggested that having more cycles as we age is beneficial.