Vitamin D – do you get enough? how do you know?

Have you had a blood test? if not then you don’t know. If you did get a blood test do you understand the results?

The most common blood tests for Vit-D measure the precursor 25(OH)D, not the actual compound that your body uses, 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol.

If your precursor measurement is good, does that mean you have enough Vit-D? maybe not… read on.

Your gut microbiome is critical in the process of conversion of D to D3 and is enabled by a variety of compounds but one of the more important ones is butyrate. This is an SCFA – short-chain fatty acid. You can increase this with supplementation and food to help ensure the Vit-D you are taking can actually be of benefit.

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