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senolytic compounds

EternLFX contains the top 2 proven natural senolytic compounds

Quercetin – a polyphenol flavonoid is found in many fruits and vegetables, like apples and onions.

Proven in two Phase 1 clinical trials.

Fisetin – a polyphenol flavonoid found in many fruits, it’s the compound that makes strawberries red.

Numerous Phase 1 clinical trials for Fisetin are planned.

mTOR inhibition is beneficial for senolytic effectiveness

Kinase inhibition is beneficial for senolytic effectiveness.


Inhibiting your body’s levels of these two families of compounds enhances the effectiveness of senolytics.

EGCG– epigallocatechin gallates is an extract of green tea. There have been many clinical evaluations of this compound in relationship to its ability to inhibit mTOR and certain kinases.

To develop EternLFX, the search began for a natural compound that would have researched properties with respect to mTOR and kinase inhibition. Green tea and the extract EGCG have been investigated and studied for many years in relationship to it’s many perceived benefits.

Due this lengthy process it’s properties are well known. EGCG’s ability to inhibit mTOR is clinically  documented.

EGCG’s ability to inhibit certain kinases is well documented.


Polyphenols like Quercetin and Fisetin are notorious for having low bio-availability, this can be enhanced.

EternLFX – In searching for a solution to the low bio-availability issue a number of solutions were found.  EternLFX contains 4 bio-availability enhancers and 1 digestive

A number of natural compounds have bio-enhancing ability, one example of a commonly known one is grapefruit. Many medications indicate that they will be affected if consumed in conjunction with grapefruit.

This is due to the way a compound called Naringin acts on the enzymes that are used to process certain drugs.

There are other compounds that act on processing pathways. We have selected 4 of these to enable better bio-availability of Quercetin and Fisetin.

We often read that taking high levels of supplements is a waste, we just “excrete” the excess. While this is true, the amount excreted can be modulated with bio-availability enhancers.

For example taking turmeric on it’s own is nearly useless but add fat and pepper and it’s bio-availability will double.


Similar to bio-availability enhancers, certain compounds can have a synergistic effect and multiply benefits.

EternLFX – includes alpha tocopherol, Vitamin E.

Both Quercetin and Fisetin can pass the blood brain barrier, they are what is termed “small molecule” compounds.

Getting more Quercetin into the brain is considered a benefit as it’s known to be a powerful antioxidant as well as a senolytic at the right volumes (high volume).

Studies have indicated that Vitamin E enhanced the blood plasma level of Quercetin in the brain by up to 40%. This increase in blood plasma level of a proven senolytic has the potential to be of great benefit.

Look up any common brain disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc in conjunction with senescent cells and you will find good information on how senescent cells contribute to at least 15 brain related disorders.

Having Vitamin E in EternLFX is a “no brainer”


Just like pharmaceuticals, natural compounds,
to be effective are dose dependent.

EternLFX – the formula is designed to follow the dose levels as demonstrated in the clinical trials.

This means that if you take too little or too much the effect won’t be the same as taking the clinically proven dose.

For the compound Quercetin, the dose level is quite high at 20mg / kg of body weight. This means if you weigh 80kg or 176lb you need a daily dose of 1,600mg of the active ingredient used in the trial.

Two Phase 1 human trials indicate the combination of Dasatinib and Quercetin do clear senescent cells from the human body.

With respect to Fisetin and the planned Phase 1 trials, the specified dose of 20mg / kg of body weight, per day of the active compound is the same as used in the D+Q trials.

The level of compound activity is indicated typically by a percent of content as in; Fisetin 50%, this means you would need to take twice as much of that version compared to a 100% version, so 3,600mg vrs 1,600mg per day.


To be effective pharmaceuticals are prescribed with specific timing of consumption. This is no different for natural compounds.

EternLFX – the consumption protocol is designed to follow the timing cycles as demonstrated in the clinical trials.

The term “hit and run” was used in some trials for the timing protocol. The compounds are used in 3 day cycles, for 1, 2 , 3 or 4 weekly cycles and then a period of time without any consumption of the compounds.

We use the term cycles to describe our version of “hit and run”.

When senescent cells are “cleared” they are induced into cellular death or apoptosis.

This leaves the bodies systems to clear up the detritus that is left over or a “housekeeping” period.