The Story

Increase your health span for a better life.

How it began?

In 2019 our founder - Steve Matheson, read a headline that said “Zombie cells may be killing you”. As a science geek and zombie fan he had to know what kind of BS this headline was. Once the reading got underway it became apparent the article was about senescent cells and the current research on these harmful immortal cells.

The two edged sword

Our founder has read a lot of technical papers over the years as part of his extensive product development career.

By applying his critical reading skills to dig deep into the science that was presented, what he found is that these cells are a 2 edged sword.

One edge is beneficial the other edge is incredibly harmful and that harmful edge is one of the root causes of many age related diseases.

There are a large and growing number of studies on these cells and overwhelmingly it is apparent that clearing out the excess senescent cells has health benefits.

The formation

After reading the studies, especially the 2 Phase 1 human trials that proved these cells can be cleared in humans with a combi-nation of seno-lytics (the source of the company name) Combilytics was formed.

Our Founder compounded his own formula based on the key principles of;

  • dose matters
  • timing matters
  • quality compounds matter

and after a year of experimentation and epigenetic DNA methylation testing, we settled on the current formula which has shown the ability to measurably reverse epigenetic age.

Now we offer this proven formula in the form of EternLFX for your good health and longevity.

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